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Solutions for the New Economy: Preventative Maintenance

Annual budgets are tighter than ever, which may have you seeking ways to cut back on maintenance costs.  Here is a statistic which may surprise you— in an independent study on facility maintenance best practices, the facilities with the lowest total annual maintenance costs were those which allocated 65-80% of budgets to preventative maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is a program in which wear, tear, and change is anticipated, with a plan for continuous corrective action in place to minimize deterioration and ensure peak efficiency.  When preventative maintenance is neglected, equipment may deteriorate up to five times faster, more energy is consumed, and the building’s appearance reflects a lack of care, which can decrease rental values and tenant/client satisfaction.

Additionally, service costs increase when provided in an emergency, as when an uninspected roof leaks during a heavy storm.  These emergency events also take more labor to fix, and decrease office productivity during the time of service.

 We would be honored to lend our expertise to your creation of a preventative maintenance plan.  Please let us know if we can serve you in this regard.

Your partners in service,

Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc.


Money Saving Tips: Heat and Cooling

TIME magazine published an article reporting that the heating, cooling and powering of office spaces are responsible for almost 40% of all carbon dioxide emission in the U.S. and  more than 70% of total electricity usage.   An adjustment of only a  degree or two can cut heating or cooling bills by 2 to 3%.  Extending that to three or four   degrees can produce savings of 10% or more.

Other ideas:

1.  Use automatic setback thermostats to adjust the temperature for nights and weekends.

2.  Consider outside air economizers that use outside air to cool down buildings when the air outside is cooler than the air inside.

3.  Think about solar shading to reduce the amount of heat from the sun that penetrates your office building.

4.  Keep the blinds closed to conserve heat in winter and keep it out during summer.

Cultural Construction: Super Bowl Stadiums

As a company thriving in a recession that has hit our industry particularly hard, Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc. is indebted to clients who have chosen to partner with us.  By choosing a local contractor for construction projects, client’s money stays cycling through our community, and the client saves on the cost of imported management and labor.

On Sunday, if history repeats itself, over 100 million viewers will witness the greatest annual example of the benefits buying local can have on a community – the NFL Superbowl.  Super Bowl locations are chosen a half decade in advance.  Potential host cities submit applications detailing their qualifications for the job, including plans for stadium renovation.  In some cases, an entirely new stadium is required.

Ground was broken for Lucas Oil Stadium on September 20th, 2005.  Of the $720 million expense for the project, the home team Colts organization provided $100 million, with the State of Indiana and City of Indianapolis sharing the brunt of the burden.  However, prior to the NFL play-offs, Lucas Oil Stadium reports more than $1 billion in benefits to the state economy, in addition to 3,000 permanent new jobs and 3,500 construction jobs.  Indianapolis-based Hunt Construction Group is the primary contractor.  Indianapolis-based VS Engineering is the primary engineer.  Indianapolis-based Independent Concrete Pipe Co. is the primary precast manufacturer.  Each of the subcontractors these firms employed is based in Indiana.

While much of the hospitality dollars spent this weekend will go to hotel corporate headquarters outside the host city, valets, cab drivers, bellhops, waiters, and bartenders have an opportunity to collect tips from the high-end clientele an event of this magnitude attracts, and well-prepared food vendors have the opportunity to match their usual annual profits in a single weekend.  Residents of Indianapolis outside of the construction and hospitality industries, benefit from improved infrastructure as streets, bridges, sidewalks, and guests are refaced to impress 150,000 tourists.  The NFL donated $1 million towards a community center to be built in an underserved neighborhood.  A nearby high school received a new practice facility and turf field, in exchange for allowing participating teams to practice there this week.

Look what we can accomplish when we Buy Local?

Modern Toilet… Restaurant?

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Our Integrity web team stumbled across this Asian chain of TOILET themed restaurants.  Do you think they refer to their dishwashers as janitors?  They are technically cleaning toilets…

Green Business Solution: Dispensers

In most circumstances, Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc. offers dispensers installation complimentary to clients for whom we supply janitorial consumables. 

1.)  Roll towels:

Consider changing your paper towel dispensers from multifold towels to controlled-use roll towel dispensers.  Green Seal estimates this change will reduce usage by 25-35%. These towels also require restocking less      frequently, cutting back on labor.

2.)  Foam Soap:

Switching from liquid to foam soap is another way to reduce usage.  Foam soap requires less product per hand wash, does not drip like liquid, and conserves water due to a reduction in both lather time—the soap dispenses as a lather, and rinse time—liquid soaps adhere to the skin, requiring greater effort to remove  residue.

3.)  Toilet paper dispensers:

Dual roll sliding toilet paper dispensers are ideal for decreasing usage in that they encourage the completion of full rolls, versus the standard dispensers in which rolls are changed out when low.  They also prevent supply pilfering in public restrooms.

Client Spotlight: Mid-century Dining at Midtown Café

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Our construction division recently had the honor of working with a Sonoma County institution, Chris Clemons of Pengrove’s  Super Burger, on his latest venture.  Midtown Café,  located on 4th Street in Santa Rosa (across from the original Super Burger), is an homage to decades past, when meals were a social event and food was fresh and made with pride.

Looking for a place to take a working lunch break?  Take advantage of free Wi-Fi while washing the “Gobble Pipe”, their  popular Thanksgiving-inspired sandwich of turkey, brie, caramelized onion, and  cranberry mustard aioli, down with a classic, glass-bottle Coke.  Want to watch a football game before the sports bars open?  With hours from 7 am– 3pm, enjoy their big screen TV and a “Sueyside”, the best-selling stack of 5 pancakes layered  with ham, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and fried egg.

Job foreman Greg Garrison was impressed with Chris’s passion for creating a unique dining experience.  The kitchen is open so you can see your sandwiches being made fresh to order. The walls are hung with vintage advertisements and flapper art above period-perfect wainscoting. Dining tables include classic games like dominoes and conversation starting books like “Would You Rather?”  They also stock a library of autographed books from local authors (they host book signings monthly).

A true supporter of local businesses, Midtown Café makes all sandwiches on Pengrove-baked Full Circle bread, brews locally roasted fair-trade organic coffees and teas, and has local beers on tap.  Their free range turkey and beef are roasted in house, where they also make their corned beef.  Enjoy!

Cleaning as Art?

Our company president always says that maintaining a facility properly takes a trained eye, artistic talent, and vision.  In fact, we ‘eye test’ each new janitorial trainee and provide them with specific guidance on how to develop that Integrity vision.  Therefore seeing these ads for a French paper towel manufacturer made us smile.  They get us.  The tagline translates “The Domestic Art”.

Photos borrowed from adsoftheworld.com